CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling – Beta Sign Up


CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling is a amazing hunting new official Chikara Pro wrestling game that promises lots of rapid paced Lucha Libre style wrestling complete of more than the best arcade action.

With the official WWE games continuing a steady decline in top quality, there hasn’t seriously been a good 3D wrestling game for years. Fortunately CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling appears set to address this situation and then some, with a healthier dose of more than the best Lucha Libra wrestling action with more than 30 officially licensed wrestlers from Chikara Pro and the capability to develop your personal custom wrestlers.

CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling characteristics more than 25 various game modes, such as 10 player elimination matches, tornado tag, battle royale and the king of trios tournament (even though the Beta will be for 1v1 matches). It promises to be uncomplicated to choose up and play, with an intuitive two button handle scheme and you will be capable to pull of some crazy unique moves, such as breathing fire on your opponent or zapping them with your laser beam eyes.

Fire Pro’s 2D take on wrestling gaming is great, but It seriously appears like CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling is going to bring life back to the 3D wrestling genre. Sign up now for a likelihood to step into the ring for the Beta!

Verify Out a Gameplay Trailer Right here

Sign Up For The CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling Beta Right here


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