Behind the wheel of VW’s electric dune buggy prototype


Primarily based on the Meyers Manx dune buggies of the 60s, it really is underpinnings are the MEB platform. The modular battery layout permits the automaker use the identical automobile base to create diverse sized EVs by adding or subtracting battery packs. But in contrast to the Crozz, ID.three or even the Buzz, the Buggy is a automobile of whimsy. It does not have doors, a trunk, a roof (despite the fact that you can get a cover in case it rains), or even a back seat. But none of that mattered though I was driving it down the road.

Getting behind the wheel of Volkswagen’s open-air dune buggy is outstanding. It is possibly the most standard automobile you can drive legally on the road. The interior is just two seats and space in the back for your beach towels and cooler. There is no infotainment method. There are no climate controls. What ever the climate is like, that is your climate.

The dash gauge has a speedometer, the vehicle’s battery status and what gear you happen to be in. That is it and I could not be happier about that. Often all you have to have are the fundamentals and the Buggy delivers that in a way that tends to make it really feel like this is truly all you have to have from a car or truck. It is the joy of driving distilled to its purest type.

Volkswagen will not place this automobile into production, but it really is probably that a thing incredibly equivalent will show up for sale. The automaker has announced that it will sell platforms for third-parties to location bodies on. Primarily, yet another enterprise could invest in a frame, total with battery and electric powertrain, and then stick any physique on best of that. It opens up a globe of possibilities.

Volkswagen ID Buggy first drive

So though I am driving the ID Buggy idea these days, in a handful of years, it could be a thing incredibly equivalent that I bought. Volkswagen says the idea automobile is primarily based on the platform utilised by the upcoming ID three automobile. It has a 62kWh battery, 155 miles of variety, has 201 horsepower and can do zero to 60 in 7.two seconds.

Sadly I was unable to test any of that. Idea automobiles are a single of a sort and with that in thoughts, the ID Buggy I drove about Pebble Beach was restricted to about 38 kilometers an hour. The steering was light and the suspension was a bit rougher than anticipated. But that is standard of a idea car or truck. Even with its limitations, the drive was outstanding simply because it really is a dune buggy. A head-turning blast from the previous reminds us that the electrification of automobiles does not equal the death of car or truck-connected exciting. If something, it implies that in the future we’ll see additional of these niche automobiles that appeal to the people out there that want to cruise the dunes of their nearby beach with out contributing to the smog above it.

Figuring out that the automobile you happen to be piloting is not contributing damaging fumes to the atmosphere just tends to make that feeling far better.


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