Aritana and the Twin Masks brings Brazilian adventure to Xbox 1


We’re not averse to diving deep into unique cultures and globe histories though playing our games. Lately, it appears like it is been the route of Norse mythology that the gaming globe has embraced with a complete host of games released in the final couple of years employing that era as a template – you know, the likes of Fimbul and Die for Valhalla for instance. But it is brilliant to go someplace new – like going on vacation without the need of the luggage complications and the continual threat of drone delays at airports. Aritana and the Twin Masks on Xbox 1 lets us go to a new spot, employing Brazilian mythology as its major influence, anything which is a initial for us to play about with, making certain we are excited for our subsequent gaming vacation. 

Out there to buy and download correct now on Xbox 1, Aritana and the Twin Masks is the sequel to the improvement group at DUAIK’s earlier perform in the series – Aritana and the Harpy’s Feather. In this story even though, you can decide on amongst two heroes (man or lady) and venture out into a hugely promising mystical adventure. This fantasy game runs the action-adventure route, exactly where the heroes are connected to the god Nhanderuvuçu (very best god name in the globe, by the way), and are out to restore the balance amongst nature and humans. 

Coming with a price tag tag of £19.24, Twin Masks sees you going equipped and armed with a bow and arrow, some magical tricks and a huge dash of ability, all as you adventure out across lovely landscapes filled with ancient temples and strange artifacts. You are tasked with employing your distinctive properties to clean out the baddies, resolve puzzles and craft things, though getting new recipes for unique attributes in battle. It could be stated that the game is attempting to mix its genres with platforming, combat, and puzzle-solving that does appear to have a bit of a Zelda influence, but that is never ever a undesirable factor. 

Options include things like:

  • An original story primarily based on Brazilian mythology and folklore
  • Enemy confrontation is also a puzzle-solving endeavor
  • Appear for hidden artifacts to enhance your probabilities of survival
  • Discover the vast YpY’s Temple in a third-individual adventure game
  • Produce unique potions with tropical fruits and objects from the temple
  • Uncover the truth listening to a superb soundtrack.

Aritana and the Twin Masks is obtainable correct now on Xbox 1 and the Xbox Retailer will enable you the opportunity to play out this Brazilian adventure. We’ll have a complete evaluation for you pretty quickly so make confident you maintain an eye out for it, but in the meantime make confident you drop into the comments and let us know if this new tale is a single you will be checking out.

If you want to know additional about the game, you could also take in our Let’s Play of Aritana and the Twin Masks on Xbox 1.

Game Description

“They are not ready…” Are you? Prove your worth in Aritana and the Twin Masks. An adventure primarily based on Brazilian mythology and culture that will carry you deeper into the forest’s mysteries. This second Aritana’s adventure extends gameplay possibilities, bringing a bow and arrow gameplay, 3D movement, vast sceneries in open landscapes and powers that assistance the player resolve various puzzles. Discover a colossal temple, uncover artifacts that can be mixed in lots of unique potions, and prepare your self to save the Tree of life. Also, you can additional discover this magical universe with comics that shows additional about the temple’s events. Unmask all the mysteries and stick to Aritana on his journey to save the Tree of life, discovering ghosts from his previous.


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