19th to 25th August 2019


Subsequent week in indie, we’ll have the FMV mystery Telling Lies, the bullet hell MMO Starbirds Alliance, the tactic dungeoner Plunge and extra.

It may possibly be a quiet-ish week for indie games, but that does not imply you cannot choose up a couple of exceptional titles. This week, we have a short, but diverse spread of titles coming mostly to Computer. Have a appear at the melee beneath!

Steambirds Alliance (22nd August on Computer and Mac)

Developer: Spry Fox
Publisher: Spry Fox

Steambirds Alliance is a ‘massively-cooperative’ bullet hell shooter, in which you grab the manage stick of a rebel birdie’s fighter plane. Your enemy: the Feline Empire and its evil cat overlord Meowza. Soon after an comprehensive beta period, Steambirds Alliance will ultimately be touching down and letting you group up with other birds to dodge bullets and shoot up your foes. This one particular comes from the developers of the productive Realm of the Mad God, which was a massively multiplayer shoot-em-up.

Invisigun Reloaded (22nd August on Switch)

Developer: Sombr Studio
Publisher: Sombr Studio

Invisigun Reloaded is a ‘stealth battle arena’, in which you are invisible and so are your opponents. It is set on a grid layout, and your process to eradicate the opposition has some robust shades of superior ol’ hide-and-seek. Although there’s a campaign mode incorporated, the actual meat appears to be in the competitive multiplayer, which rewards patience and deception. The game is also accessible on Computer, Mac, and Linux. These versions will obtain a ‘Reloaded’ update concurrent with the Switch release.

Telling Lies (23rd August on Computer, Mac, and iOS)

Developer: Sam Barlow &amp Furious Bee Restricted
Publisher: Annapurna Interactive

Telling Lies is Sam Barlow’s comply with-up to his indie classic Her Story. Significantly like that game, you will be exploring by way of a wealth of secretly recorded footage to figure out the truth. The gameplay will be extra non-linear than Her Story, but most all the things else is understandably a mystery. If this is up your alley, do have a appear at our earlier coverage of Her Story, such as an interview with Sam Barlow himself.

Plunge (23rd August on Computer, Mac, and Switch)

Developer: Spooky Buns
Publisher: Spooky Buns

Plunge has you controlling Billie, the billionth prisoner of a desaturated, medieval dungeon. Although everybody else is attempting to climb their way out, Billie is going to fight her way all the way down by way of the dungeon’s lots of levels. It is a turn-primarily based roguelike game, but at its core, it makes use of the classic puzzle mechanic in which you slide across straight lines on a grid. Smooth.

Whipseey and the Lost Atlas (23rd August on Computer, Mac, PS4, Xbox A single, and Switch)

Developer: Daniel Ramirez
Publisher: Blowfish Studios

Whipseey and the Lost Atlas may possibly appear a lot like yet another blobby platformer hero, but in this one particular you get a whip. You know, to whip up a frenzy. Or to give your foes a strong whipping. Extremely whipster. Anyway, it appears adorable, featuring art from Luftrausers artist Roy Nathan De Groot. If you are hunting for a throwback to classic, retro platformers from the 16-bit era, this appears like it.

Other Indie Releases

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