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Puzzling Dream Studio has revealed very a dark adventure game in the type of Unlucky Seven, in which sci-fi is mixed with cannibalistic tropes. The game seems to be set at some type of celebration in space exactly where players can pick to be a human or an anthropomorphic particular person. It is not the only character players will have to handle as by means of the chapters unique characters will will need to pick the actions of other folks.

Puzzling Dream’s Hubert Knochowski stated about Unlucky Seven:

“Our new game will take players to a bloody celebration, which they haven’t skilled prior to. Waiting for them are quite a few abstract components, certain humor and a lot of feelings. Similarly, unconventional is the retro-style graphic design and style, combining 3D and pixel art. The soundtrack composed by Fox Amoore also plays an essential part.”

The developers have stated the game will take about six hours to total. Unlucky Seven will be released for Computer on August 30th and will ultimately make its way to PS4, Xbox One particular, and Switch.

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