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The thought behind the TouchArcade Game of the Week is that each and every Friday afternoon we post the a single game that came out this week that we feel is worth providing a particular nod to. Now, just before any individual goes more than-pondering this, it does not necessarily imply our Game of the Week choose is the highest scoring game in a assessment, the game with the most effective graphics, or actually any other quantifiable “best” issue. As an alternative, it is extra just us selecting out the single game out of the week’s releases that we feel is the most noteworthy, surprising, fascinating, or actually any other tough to describe top quality that tends to make it worth obtaining if you have been just going to choose up a single.

These picks may possibly be controversial, and that is OK. If you disagree with what we’ve selected, let’s attempt to use the comments of these articles to have conversations about what game is your game of the week and why.

With no additional ado…



I’ve been “eyeing” the newly released Witcheye ($two.99) from developer Peter Malamud Smith and publisher Devolver Digital ever considering that we initially posted about it way back in December of 2017. It is a game about a flying eyeball, and it featured some of the nicest pixel art and smoothest animations I’ve noticed. Now going on virtually two years considering that initially understanding about it, Witcheye is lastly obtainable to the masses, and it is even improved than I hoped it would be.

I’m a platforming game nut, but I also like when a developer plays about with the regular run and jump mechanics of the genre. Witcheye does this by obtaining you handle a flying eyeball by swiping in any path to move, and tapping to cease. You can bounce off of the atmosphere as extended as there’s nothing at all hazardous in your way like a bunch of pokey spikes, and you can slam oneself into enemies to take them out, once more supplied there’s nothing at all on stated enemy that could hurt you.

It couldn’t be any extra very simple of an thought, but it somehow gives a entirely one of a kind platforming expertise. Enemies in distinct are created in such a way that you will need to find out their attacks and defenses to know when and exactly where is a great spot to give them a bop to dispatch them. It requires a bit of practice to get comfy with how your eyeball controls, but as soon as you do you really feel like an airborne ocular ballerina, dashing to and fro on a dime and taking out enemies with the precision of a sniper.

The superb visuals that initially pulled me in all that time ago also go a extended techniques towards the enjoyment of Witcheye. There’s a cute story tying anything collectively, extra than 50 effectively-created levels to play by way of, and tons of collectibles to maintain you busy. Plus there are unlockable modes like capabilities that are constructed for speedrunners, so merely beating the game is not exactly where the exciting has to finish. Most effective of all is that Witcheye is a paid game with no IAP and no shenanigans, just great old-fashioned exciting. I never ever believed I’d have such a great time bouncing about as an eyeball, but Witcheye has shown me the light, and it is a superb pickup for any individual who enjoys a effectively-created expertise with one of a kind touchscreen mechanics.


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