This mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim permits you totally destroy objects, like barrels and chairs


John Jarvis has released a actually cool mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This mod, named “Destructible Skyrim – Breakable Objects”, permits players to destroy a variety of environmental objects. Now I do not know about you, but I’m actually glad that a person is lastly bringing destructible objects to Skyrim.

As the modder noted, players can now smash objects to pieces and watch the physics-enabled debris fly everywhere.

“This is a tiny sample of what is to come for testing purposes. This mod has only been tested on a clean, mod totally free save for a quick quantity of time which is why this is a beta. There could be incompatibilities so you must make an additional save prior to installing this mod.”

Its 1st release at present permits you to destroy barrels, chairs and a lot of nordic ruins pots and urns.

Do note that you will get a bounty if you destroy objects in shops, taverns and people’s properties. Also, a tiny satchel will drop from destroyed containers so you can retrieve the contents of the container must you break it.

The destroyed objects will be returned to their default undamaged situation soon after 24 in game hours. Furthermore, any loot from broken containers will be reset so you will have to grab something crucial straight away.

Back in 2015, Jarvis released a video showcasing some of the destructible objects that he has been operating on. Regrettably, the modder had to start off from scratch. As such, a lot of these objects are not component of this release. Nevertheless, this video will give you an notion of what you can count on from future versions.

You can download the 1st version of this mod from right here (for the original Skyrim) and from right here (for Skyrim Unique Edition).

Have entertaining!


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