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King’s Bounty two is set to launch in 2020 across Computer, PS4 and Xbox A single, Pre-orders now readily available!

1C Entertainment is elated to let the dragon out of the cave on the return of their acclaimed turn-primarily based techniques series, King’s Bounty! Releasing in 2020 on Computer, PS4 and Xbox A single, King’s Bounty two will take players to the land of Antara, iterating on the classic turn-primarily based techniques and RPG components of the series. Pre-orders are now at

Supplying a fresh take on the acclaimed fantasy series, King’s Bounty two expands upon its tactical turn-primarily based battles to offer you players a really immersive RPG expertise. Weight is added to each and every move, from battles to building relationships with the folks players meet inside the globe of Antara.

Taking up the mantle of a single of 3 heroes – each and every with their personal special story – players embark on a non-linear, open-globe adventure across a detailed and densely-packed fantasy landscape. Danger has arisen in the globe, with a mysterious blight descending upon the far reaches of Antara, corrupting the land and folks who reside in it. Refugees from the impacted regions have begun to arrive in the kingdom of Nostria, placing meals and sources in brief provide. After living souls, blight-distorted creatures now roam the countryside leaving chaos and destruction in their wake. Your actions have consequences as Antara gradually gets consumed in this terrific conflict. How will you forge this land’s future? King’s Bounty two important capabilities:
Interactive and cinematic story – Told by means of the lens of a very cinematic expertise, King’s Bounty two puts selection in players’ hands rather than their mouths. Embracing classic RPG traditions, players are regularly faced with tough moral alternatives that have far-reaching consequences for the fate of the realm. But alternatively of hinging on basic dialogue alternatives, it is the players’ actions that hold the correct weight.

Landscape matters – When players enter combat, the battlefield straight reflects the distinct aspect of the globe map that they’re traversing. This forces players to look at their surroundings just before getting into combat, to decrease prospective dangers or even attempt to give themselves the upper hand.

No additional flat arenas – Realistic, volumetric battlefields are now an integral aspect of combat in King’s Bounty two. Generating maximum tactical diversity, all manner of obstacles and capabilities can be located on the combat maps, from ravines and hills to wagons and additional. Every single battle now has its personal special tactical positive aspects and disadvantages.

New character improvement method – King’s Bounty two provides players 3 characters to pick from, each and every with their personal special story. As they discover the realm, their stories transform as they align themselves with unique ideals: Strength, Art, Order, and Anarchy. Not only do these alternatives have an effect on how NPCs react to them, but they also have a tangible effect on the globe.

Exclusive squads – Every single squad consists of wholly special units, each and every with their personal set of abilities and visual look. As an alternative of faceless recruits, players create armies of humans, elves, trolls, and other creatures who commit the majority of their adventure fighting side-by-side, building lasting bonds.

Tactical depth on the battlefield – King’s Bounty two introduces quite a few new tactical capabilities to the series, such as Line of Sight, for a deeper, richer combat expertise. Surprise tactical events mid-battle will also retain players on their toes.

Exclusive blend of realism and fantasy – Encounter a vast fantasy globe that expertly blends beloved genre tropes with a gritty realism to make certain players stay grounded in this desperate, realm-wide struggle.

Attendees of gamescom 2019 will be the initially to see King’s Bounty two in action! Head to Hall 10.1, booth A20 or book an appointment beforehand to go hands-on at the show.


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