RPG Card Game Review – Entertaining and Addictive


A lot of
mobile gamers will have played games similar to Dungeon Tales. Not just because
it has traditional RPG elements, but it also uses a card-based attack system
that many other mobile games have used before.

But, don’t
let that put you off. Games have been borrowing each other’s ideas for as long
as I can remember. All that matters is does Dungeon Tales have enough going on
to stand out from the crowd?

Is it Fun?

Tales was one of the most surprising games I have played this year. Normally,
you see a trailer and read the description and have a good idea if you will
enjoy it and what gameplay is like.

keeps Dungeon Tales fresh every time I play it, is the roguelike elements. You
never know what enemies you will face, what cards you will get and what random
events you will encounter. The longevity of Dungeon Tales is already huge, but
with the promise of a new game mode on the horizon, I keep coming back for

What is gameplay like?

When you
start the game, you will have several routes to choose from, each route has
different rooms attached. Some roots have more bosses, other routes have more
random events and chests. Choosing a start point is up to you, but all routes
lead to the same ending, the final boss.

Once you
defeat the final boss, you move onto the next act. The next act will have
another few routes to choose from and you repeat the process over and over
until you die. When you die, you have a new character with the original small
deck and you start from Act One.

combat system is turn-based meaning you five or so energy to cast the
spells which are represented on cards. This is where the strategy comes in, as
you want to build a deck that compliments each other. There is no point picking
cards that reward damaging yourself if you don’t have any cards that do so.

Any negatives?

To draw a
card from your deck, you click it and drag it upwards to the enemy you want to
damage. A big problem with this is I often close the app by mistake while I am
trying to fight an enemy. It’s no real issue because there are no consequences,
for example, I don’t lose my go. But it gets annoying if it were to happen two
or three times in a row.

than the controls and originality of the game, I have no complaints. Gameplay
is all about resource management, health is scarce so you need to keep your
armour up at all times. It’s a game that punishes players who are purely attack
focused, which is a breath of fresh air for sure.

Final Words

I am sure
if I went looking for problems and played a lot of similar mobile games then I
would have more criticisms to lay on Dungeon Tales, but I don’t want to. As far
as a free game goes, I think Dungeon Tales delivers on almost every level.

We can
unlock everything through gameplay, there are no random packs that give you
duplicates upon duplicates. Dungeon Tales is a CCG RPG with roguelike elements
to keep gameplay fresh and enjoyable.


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