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When it comes to retro video game consoles (or even the modern day ones), there is a single factor that they all appear to have in frequent: They all ordinarily play video games reasonably effectively. Everybody out there has their personal thoughts and viewpoints about how systems of yesterday and nowadays could be enhanced. Greater graphics and sound, augmented reality, far more action buttons on the controllers, a greater organized on-line retailer, and of course, the capacity to breathe fire. Although a lot of out there may perhaps feel persons are kidding with the final a single, it turns out that there was in reality a single gamer with such a special want, and he has even produced it a reality. In other words, this new homebrew hardware hack offers genuine fire breathing skills to the Nintendo 64.


This new hardware modification is the creation of a YouTuber named BitHead1000, who at some point had an interest in generating a video game console that could double as a flame thrower. Dubbed as the “Heavy Metal Nintendo 64”, the case was custom constructed to manage the higher temperatures of the physical fire that can be emitted from the device. The replica case, which comes with a spinning 3D “N” logo to boot, which is backlit by a red light in the front of the console, is produced of out metal rather of plastic, to stop the console from melting like the Wicked Witch of the West. Inside of the method, you will come across dual gas valves, that are connected to a series of plastic tubes that are utilized to spray out the lighter fluid necessary for ignition.


To start out this really special (and higher temperature) light show, the gamer would press a red button on the controller that was added by the modder, which is accountable for triggering the flame throwing mechanism on the console itself. Although the game that was demonstrated to us all was “Banjo-Kazooie”, you can not assist but feel that games that basically involve Hellish places such as “Doom 64″ would be the most acceptable for displaying off the flames. (And for these curious, the console functions as a standard N64 method when the flames are not becoming highlighted.)

BitHead1000 showed off the complete construct course of action in a 22 minute time lapse video, which shows off the complete improvement. At the moment this is a a single of a sort mod, and there is no word on if this would ever be produced for sale, or if other folks would be produced.

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