Restricted Run Games Unveil River City Girls Physical Edition


We’re much less than 3 weeks away from River City Girls’ September five launch for Nintendo Switch, Computer, PlayStation four, and Xbox One particular. Video game distributor Restricted Run Games took the time as a liberty to reveal the upcoming beat-em-up’s physical release, which is slated for PS4 and Switch.

LRG shared the news on Twitter, reminding players of the game’s premise: “two street-hard higher-schoolers who ought to fight their way via the six regions of River City to rescue their kidnapped boyfriends.” Pre-orders for River City Girls’ physical version will be open for a restricted, 4-week period beginning on Friday, August 30. Every regular River City Girls physical copy will come with a 1-disc sampler of the game’s soundtrack, with LRG alluding to much more River City Girls news in “the coming weeks” in a separate tweet.

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Earlier this week, developer WayForward Technologies published a further character spotlight. This time, the video focused on the cheerful and bubbly Kyoko, River City Girls’ second playable character. At the starting of August, WayForward showcased River City Girls’ very first playable character, the hot-blooded Misako, in a spunky character reveal.

We played River City Girls at Anime Expo 2019, citing it as 1 of the improved anime-like games we’re watching this year. The beat-em-up options retro-inspired visuals reminiscent of earlier Kunio-kun games like 2016’s 3DS release, River City: Tokyo Rumble. But alternatively of focusing on series mainstays Kunio and Riki, River City Girls modernizes its formula by placing girl energy front and center.


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