Not really time to wine down however, with Wine four.14 released to lift your spirits


Ah yes, a single of my favourite days of the week. The day I get to unleash far more glorious puns about Wine with a further release now readily available for these of you wanting to run Windows games and applications on Linux.

Highlights of the four.14 release:

  • New version of the Mono engine with upstream updates.
  • PE dlls no longer rely on the MinGW runtime.
  • Exception handling fixes on ARM64.
  • Different bug fixes.

As for bug fixes the usual applies: some are older bugs not too long ago obtaining noticed and ticked off the list. Talked about this time are 18 fixes in total such as problems solved with Planet War Z, Star Citizen, Star Manage Origins, The Sims and other miscellaneous bugs.

You can discover the complete release notes right here.

The Wine group also not too long ago announced the subsequent WineConf, the Wine Project’s annual conference. Taking spot in Toronto, Canada among October 12th – 13th. You can see the complete facts on it right here.

I heard by way of the grapevine that some folks say I do a pour job at this pun company, I will deal with such points on a case by case basis. *checks notes*, nope have not applied these prior to. I will see myself out.

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