New Overwatch Custom Mode Turns Sigma Into A Dodgeball Player


If you believe about it, Overwatch’s new hero, Sigma, is kinda like a schoolkid—by which I imply he’s slow, and he likes to throw rocks. This, certainly, tends to make him an best competitor for a significant-scale game of dodgeball.

Overwatch player Pug has made a custom mode referred to as “Sigma Dodgeball” (code: 0V80F), in which two teams of six Sigmas face off in the time-honored sport that is fundamentally an IRL battle royale for youngsters (and some adults).

The field Sigma Dodgeball is played on is is in fact the roof of capture-the-flag level Ayutthaya. There’s a line in the middle of the field produced of tiny domes, and if you attempt to cross it, you will die. Sigma’s principal attack is disabled, so all he can do is psychically hurl rocks at other players with his “Accretion” capacity. Getting hit by a rock suggests you are eliminated, and the final group left standing wins. It is silly, but it is also fairly entertaining.

Sigma, as opposed to most youngsters, can project holographic shields that defend against incoming projectiles. In Sigma Dodgeball, this suggests you and your group can coordinate defenses against the other team’s volleys. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t get also attached to your shield, for the reason that it can shatter. Your very best bet is to keep nimble and strafe back and forth. Difficulty is, Sigma is a slow-floating, shoeless old man, so a rock is bound to catch up with you sooner or later. And if a rock does not, the ever-shrinking playing field (and you laughed when I stated dodgeball was a battle royale) will.

Rounds are usually more than in a minute or so, although occasionally somebody will get into a preternaturally smooth dodging flow and just dance among rocks when all their teammates get eliminated. In these moments, it feels like they’re on the verge of a comeback that’ll be the speak of the playground for hours, possibly even days, but I’ve however to see somebody effectively overcome getting outnumbered by the enemy group. As is, it is generally fairly uncomplicated to inform which group is going to win a round inside the initial 20 or so seconds, as one particular group has a lot more members eliminated.

Sigma can also use his ult, levitating enemies into the air just before smashing them back down to earth. This is excellent for popping folks out from behind their shields and also pulverizing their bones. Interestingly, this remains an uncommon occurrence in frequent dodgeball. It is most likely for the very best.

Sigma Dodgeball’s roof-primarily based playing field can be a small janky. On a lot more than one particular occasion, I have witnessed somebody fall off, only to get stuck on the roof’s ledge, at which point folks on the other group have been like “Huh, somebody’s nonetheless alive? Exactly where?” Meanwhile, the particular person stuck on the ledge hopped up and down futilely, scrambling to keep away from slipping into the jungle abyss beneath. This method does not function (they’ll sooner or later fall no matter what), so it is extremely funny to watch folks attempt. 1 time, I saw this occur to an individual, at which point two members of the other group slid down the roof’s slope to give chase. Recognizing their days have been numbered, the player who fell initial took a operating leap off the ledge, denying their enemies the satisfaction of killing them. Simply because eventually, dodgeball is a mental game.


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