Microsoft Flight Simulator appears completely beautiful in its most recent in-game video clips


Microsoft has released some new in-game video clips from its new Flight Simulator. These clips showcase some of the game’s environments and I have to say that the game appears completely beautiful.

YouTube’s ‘FSL Flight Sim Liberty’ has collected all of these clips into a single trailer. I strongly recommend watching the video as the game appears incredible. Microsoft’s Flight Simulator will be undoubtedly the most wonderful flight sim when it gets out.

Moreover, Microsoft revealed the game’s improvement roadmap. The game’s Insider System has kicked off, and the very first Tech Alpha phase is presently underway.

You can uncover the game’s roadmap at the finish of the video. I also recommend checking your emails in case you had signed up for the Insider System.

From what we know so far, Microsoft Flight Simulator will place additional emphasis on general simulation, and will help third-celebration Content material Improvement and Neighborhood Content material creation (in other words, mods). The game will also help a wide variety of handle schemes. Owners of yoke and pedals, mouse and keyboard, as nicely as controllers will be in a position to play the game.

Get pleasure from the trailer and keep tuned for additional!

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