Get Drunk In The GTA On-line Casino To Unlock New Secret Mission


Receiving drunk in video games is a extremely hit-and-miss mechanic. Either you are stuck with blurred vision and slow response instances when in battle, or you are obtaining the ideal time you have ever had browsing for LENNY?! in Red Dead Redemption two. As evidenced by the latter, Rockstar Games knows how to get drinking suitable, and the group have accomplished it once again for Grand Theft Auto On-line.

Thanks to the new Diamond Casino and Resort update there’s been a massive resurgence in the quantity of GTA On-line players, and there’s also been a massive quantity of new quests and missions to learn.

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A single of the most exciting ones is the lately-found secret mission which has you (sorry – your player character) get super, super wasted and take 1 of the casino’s delivery trucks for a joyride. Mainly because alcohol.

To unlock the secret mission you will want to be the proud owner of a penthouse, and you will want to unlock casino function missions (do this by finishing the initial story mission, Loose Cheng).

As soon as function missions are unlocked it is time to show your mettle and drink as a great deal as you possibly can, either in the casino bar or in your private penthouse bar.

Credit: Rockstar Games

You can not just drink any old inexpensive booze even though: you will want to knock back Macbeth Whisky, a shot of which will see your character pass out and wake up someplace new.

No matter exactly where you discover your self waking up immediately after every single shot, head on more than back to the nearest bar and preserve on knocking ’em back till you pass out and wake up in the secret mission zone.

Credit: Rockstar Games

Fair warning even though, according to Kotaku, some players have unlocked the mission immediately after significantly less than 50 drinks, when other individuals have attempted drinking all evening with no good results.

The secret mission is seemingly a reference to a unique drinking mission from GTA On-line final year. By drinking the similar whiskey and waking up in different locations, your player character could unlock a new and exclusive shirt.

Credit: Rockstar Games

Have you attempted out this most up-to-date secret mission in GTA On-line?

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