Former Uncommon dev says Uncommon IP returning to Nintendo with Smash Bros. Ultimate was ‘significant, but inevitable’


Nintendo fans lost their collective thoughts seeing Banjo and Kazooie officially revealed for Smash Bros. Ultimate. It was a move numerous dreamed of, but handful of believed could really come about. Former Uncommon dev Chris Seavor knows it is vital as properly, and in an interview with with VideogamesChronicle, he reveals that he believed RARE’s characters creating their way back to Nintendo was inevitable.

“It is considerable, pretty considerable but it was also inevitable. You only have to appear at the reaction to Banjo’s appearing in Smash to see that this was purely a fan driven point, and fans are if absolutely nothing else a noisy and belligerent bunch. I imply, it is an abbreviation of ‘Fanatic’ following all. No matter whether they’ll be as loud about the other IP’s which includes Conker is up for debate… I’d say not probably.”

What could the future hold for RARE’s IP on Nintendo platforms? Now that we’ve had the Banja-Kazooie reveal, it tends to make you consider something is probable! Maybe Conker has extra of a shot than Seavor thinks. I’d like to hope so, at least.


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