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A new occasion has rolled out in Mighty Quest For Epic Loot: Dead Looters Increasing.

The occasion, which lasts till subsequent Thursday, 22nd August, tasks players with finishing a quantity of quests. Each and every quest completed provides you an quick reward as properly as counting towards an all round rank. Your rank at the finish of the occasion will decide what reward you get, with the 1st placed reward getting a maxed-out 5-star piece of gear.

But to be in with a opportunity, you have to have to total a hell of a lot of quest, all of which concern killing skeletons. And lots of them. You will have to have to kill skeleton soldiers, skeleton archers, skeleton necromancers, and a skeleton king. Each and every time you total a quest, it’ll be replaced with a further, tasking you to kill extra of the similar.

Here’s exactly where to obtain skeleton necromancers in order to total the ‘Back from the dead… then back to it!’ quest in Mighty Quest For Epic Loot‘s Dead Looters Increasing occasion.

In order to kill skeleton necromancers you will have to have to head to Act 9. Act 9, Level eight appears to be the most profitable level to obtain them on an auto-win of the level appears to kill 20-25 of them. If you run by way of the level manually, you will undoubtedly come across extra.

Nevertheless, basically killing skeleton necromancers is not sufficient you also have to have a certain weapon form equipped. You will have to have to kill necromancers with a hammer in order it for it to count towards the quest. It is worth noting that even even though the epic weapon ‘Royal Verdict’ appears really a lot like a hammer, it is in fact an axe. So if this is the weapon you are applying, you will have to have to adjust it. Hammers will especially say so in their name – i.e. Faith Hammer or Raw Hammer.

Make positive you have the ideal weapon equipped, then content skeleton necromancer-killing!

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