Epic Games wanted DARQ as an exclusive, developer refused the supply in order to retain his word


DARQ is a new psychological horror indie game that lately came out on Steam. The game at present has “Very Positive” evaluations on Steam and we absolutely hope that it will meet industrial results. Why you could ask? Mainly because the developer refused Epic’s supply to release the game exclusively on its retailer.

As the DARQ developer revealed, Epic Games created him an supply so that he can release the game exclusively on its retailer. Nevertheless, and contrary to other developers, Unfold Games refused that supply. The cause? Rather uncomplicated and sincere the developer wanted to honour all of his fans for their on-going help.

“Epic reached out to me ideal right after I released the trailer announcing Steam release date. At that point DARQ was in prime 50 most wishlsited games on Steam. I felt going for an exclusivity deal would show that my word suggests practically nothing (as I just had promised the game would launch on Steam). In addition to, DARQ web page was on Steam considering that November 2018 and a lot of folks patiently kept it on their wishlist considering that them. I believed it was a terrible thought to disapoint all these folks and prove to the planet that my annoucements imply practically nothing. Epic created it clear that they reached out to me with an exclusivity deal – I politely turned them down prior to we had a possibility to go over any facts (dollars presented, and so forth.).”

Now what’s truly exciting right here is that Epic refused to sell the game as a non-exclusive title. Other indie developers have reported the very same issue, so it seems that Epic is at present hunting for one particular issue exclusive games on Epic Retailer. Unless of course we’re speaking about triple-A games. Right after all, Cyberpunk 2077, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines two and some other games are not exclusive to the Epic Retailer.

“I asked them if they would be prepared to sell DARQ non-exclusively, and they explained that at this point in time it is not some thing they can do. It was a polite and expert exchange – I have practically nothing terrible to say.”

So there you have it absolutely everyone. Right here is an indie dev that refused Epic’s supply. As such, it will be exciting to see whether or not this was a clever company-selection. It will also be exciting to see whether or not Computer gamers will embrace this indie game. Now I know that this is a niche game, nevertheless it will be exciting to see whether or not the game will be lucrative.

DARQ came out on August 15th on Steam and will price you about 16,79€. There is also a DRM-absolutely free version on GOG. I’ve also integrated under its launch trailer so you can get an thought of what this game is.



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