Death Stranding Photos Function Sam in Snowy Atmosphere, Lounging About


Sam continues to sit about in newest batch of photos.

death stranding

Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding is only a handful of days away from its exclusive new appear at Gamescom. Not that director Hideo Kojima is deterred – he’s nonetheless sharing photos of protagonist Sam Bridges on Twitter. We’ve observed Sam in the grass and chilling but a single new image showcases the hero sitting in a snowy atmosphere.

If absolutely nothing else, it highlights how snow will have an effect on Sam. One more image is much more uneventful – it sees Sam just standing about, covered in black strands, as the camera is panned up seeking at the sky. The newest batch of photos capabilities – you guessed it – Sam lounging about, sunglasses on. Sitting is in fact a factor in the game even though, as noted by the in-game prompt to stand up.

Death Stranding is out on November 8th for PS4. It was lately found to have been removed from PlayStation Australia’s list of PS4 exclusives, prompting rumours of a Computer announcement. We’ll likely obtain out at Gamescom’s Opening Evening Reside on August 19th at 11 AM PDT so keep tuned.



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