Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless assessment


Corsair have created some superb gaming mice this year. The Ironclaw RGB went straight into my finest gaming mouse list when I looked at it back in March, as did the Harpoon RGB Wireless when I tested it in May possibly. Thus, it certainly follows that a wireless version of the Ironclaw RGB, which utilizes the similar Corsair Slipstream technologies as the Harpoon Wireless, should really be a further absolute shoe-in, correct? Err… not pretty. Here’s wot I believe.

From the outdoors, the £85 / $73 Ironclaw RGB Wireless feels far more or much less identical to its wired £45 / $58 sibling. Its significant, palm-hogging shape and patterned, rubbery sides are just as comfy and beautiful to the touch as ahead of, and its soft, smooth finish does not get sullied by horrible sweat patches when you take your hand off it. It also has the similar 100-18,000 DPI sensor inside it, also, and a 1.8m braided cable for when you require to charge it.

The most important difficulty I have with the Ironclaw RGB Wireless is that it is so damn heavy. Though the wired version was just about okay for my spindly fingers at 105g, the wireless model comes in a whopping 130g, which, immediately after the 80g delights of my day-to-day Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse (and even the 99g Harpoon RGB Wireless) just feels like I’m shunting a really significant rock about my desk (albeit a really smooth significant rock) rather of a light, nimble clicking machine.

Space automobile from the future, or RGB mouse?

The move from seven to ten programmable buttons also feels mildly unnecessary, as attempting to hit its knobbly Triforce of thumb buttons is nearly not possible devoid of a lot of deliberate believed and concentration. The bottom two are quick sufficient to tap, but the prime a single undoubtedly demands a appropriate press from above, rather than under or the side exactly where your thumb could naturally sit in order to hit the other two. That implies squashing your thumb even closer to your forefinger, and it is just not really quick or sensible to do in the heat of the moment.

I also identified it really hard to press the decrease of the two forefinger buttons additional up the mouse. Bizarrely, these are the DPI up and down buttons by default (not the two under the scroll wheel, which cycle by means of its 3 obtainable profiles), but fortunately you can assign this function to whichever button you want by downloading Corsair’s iCUE computer software.

Right here, you get all the usual alternatives, such as becoming in a position to assign keyboard commands, media controls, recordable macros, as properly as working with them to launch specific applications, and you can also assign a single button to be a committed sniper button, which will slow the Ironclaw Wireless’ DPI speed down to a crawl to support line up issues like headshots when playing games on the web. I just want all of its numerous buttons have been simpler to press devoid of me obtaining to consciously believe about it.

This may possibly be much less of a difficulty for these with bigger, far more versatile hands than I, but just about every second I use the Ironclaw RGB Wireless just tends to make me lengthy for either the Harpoon RGB Wireless or standard wired Ironclaw RGB – or, certainly, my trusty Logitech. I could really feel slightly differently if the Ironclaw Wireless had a superior battery life to either of its wireless rivals, but its two.4GHz endurance is miles behind the Harpoon RGB Wireless, coming in at just 16 hours with its default RGB lighting enabled and 24 hours devoid of, even though the Harpoon’s respective batteries lives are rated for 30 and 45 hours. The Logitech G Pro Wireless, meanwhile, is even additional out in front with 48 hours on its default lighting and 60 hours with it all switched off.

All in all, a wireless version of a excellent gaming mouse does not a further finest gaming mouse winner make. The Logitech G Pro Wireless is nonetheless the pinnacle of wireless gaming mice in my eyes, but if you are immediately after some thing that does not break the bank then Corsair’s Harpoon RGB Wireless is the subsequent finest point at just £53 / $50.


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