Compact towns are developing esports meccas


For centuries, Katowice was a mining town. The very first settlers have been craftsmen in the 18th century, who arrived in the lowlands of Southern Poland right after hearing rumors of the wealthy coal deposits hidden in the dirt. Stroll about the city nowadays, and you can see these roots. Huge, turquoise-steel mines dot the horizon, all propped up in the sturdy, Stalinist style that nonetheless permeates each corner of Eastern Europe. Downtown, the Katowician pride and joy looms substantial Spodek Arena, constructed in 1972 on the remnants of an old mineral dumping ground. It appears like a dormant flying saucer waiting to take off, and for generations, it hosted the concerts, conventions, and hockey matches that passed by way of the burg.

Nowadays, that arena is finest identified as the house of Intel Intense Masters (IEM) Katowice, one particular of the most prestigious Counter-Strike tournaments in the globe. Each year, teams fly in from North America, South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe to compete for esports fame and a $1 million prize pool. To an outsider, it is genuinely bewildering to be in a minor Polish municipality, with a population of 294,000, surrounded by twentysomethings and teenagers who ate a layover in Frankfurt in order to watch the action reside. (As you could count on, there are not a lot of international airlines that fly direct to Katowice.) The city is all gray skies and towering tenements, but for a couple of weeks in February, it is also the Counter-Strike capital. This year’s tournament, in which Group Astralis took very first location for the second year in a row, attracted 174,000 guests. Final year, The Esports Observer reported that IEM generated Katowice $24.five million (or €22 million) in marketing worth. The tiny mining town has hitched its wagon to esports, in the hopes that it can transform its center of market.

“In Stavanger, Norway, I was asked by a group of young folks exactly where I came from. I mentioned ‘Katowice,” says Marcin Krupa, the incumbent mayor of Katowice. “They asked me if I knew what IEM was and so we began speaking. Such conditions encourage us to take additional actions.”

The new esports mecca

Krupa says IEM was the thought of former Katowician councilman Michał Jęrzejek. Seven years ago, he floated the thought of opening the town to investments in competitive gaming. As Krupa mentioned, “Many mayors would shudder at the believed of spending so considerably funds and letting thousands of nerds into the Spodek arena,” but his predecessor, Piotr Uszok, cosigned the initiative. It was bold, thinking of Uszok was a total outsider to Computer gaming. But in 2014, the city council ratified a partnership with Intel to assistance IEM by way of 2019. Krupa does not see that partnership expiring anytime quickly. In truth, he reiterates that the good results of the tournament has produced it a critical component of his personal policy agenda. “I am honored to carry on and even elaborate this project,” he says.

Above: The Intel Intense Masters Cup from IEM Katowice for Counter-Strike.

In its present incarnation, IEM Katowice happens more than the course of two weekends, and each year its imprint on the city grows larger. In the bowels of the Spodek, you will uncover a completely functioning tech trade show, a wide variety of satellite esports events away from the Counter-Strike primary occasion. It feels like a miniature Comic-Con, and according to Krupa, Katowician locals — lots of of whom are far outdoors the demographic who often attends esports events — have discovered to embrace the city’s ovation to gamers.

“IEM signifies earnings for the regional folks: hotels, folks [lease] their flats, restaurants, taxi drivers and regional entrepreneurs. IEM is one particular occasion which assists hotels and conference facilities create,” he says. “This occasion is so effective that its subsequent editions and improve in charges are not questioned by inhabitants or opposition in the city council. And each mayor knows how completely large events are analysed by their supporters and protesters.”

Other towns are catching on

This is a balance that a lot more towns will will need to straddle, as city councils continue to appear to the Katowice model to integrate esports into their personal economies. In Hangzhou, a Chinese port city a couple of hours south of Shanghai, regional governance has promised to construct 14 diverse esports projects, with a total price more than $1 billion. (The very first investment is an “esports town complicated,” which will host a wide variety of diverse skilled gaming venues.) Closer to house is Frisco, Texas — a Dallas suburb finest identified as the house of the Cowboys’ corporate workplace. The higher Dallas location has lengthy been a hotbed for the games organization — each id Software program and Gearbox have headquarters there — but it is also house to pro gaming organizations like Infinite, compLexity, and OpTic. CompLexity, which is owned by Jerry Jones, not too long ago opened a new 11,000 square foot corporate foundation inside his Cowboys 91-acre campus. According to CompLexity chief income officer Daniel Herz, the firm has taken cues from its parent football group by establishing relationships with the Frisco Chamber of Commerce and the city’s neighborhood at substantial. In basic, he envisions a Frisco that has solidified itself as a marketplace leader in esports.

“Everyone right here is incredibly conscious of how the video game market is expanding and the substantial chunk of the economy it is taking more than,” he says. “Everything from speaking to Frisco ISD about the gamification [of education,] to the University of North Texas about not just video games, but the folks who make soundtracks in video games, skins in video games. From the organization standpoint, we truly really feel like there’s a ton of investment. We’ve talked on numerous Chamber of Commerce panels. There’s a sturdy interest in esports. I’ve felt it stronger right here than in Denver or New York. There’s this attitude of, ‘What does our city appear like in 5, or 10 years,’ and the feeling that gaming has to be in the heart of that. We have the capability to construct that infrastructure”

Herz’s proclamation represents the core hope of each one particular of these cities. Frisco, like Katowice and Hangzhou, is not a metropolis. These are not fertile, very diversified economies that have a tendency to attract third-celebration investment. It tends to make sense, then, that the regional financial stratum would be a lot more open to a bet like esports. Specialist gaming is a naturally volatile organization, but if it strikes large, the rewards could be huge for the municipalities that dumped in the funds early. We’re currently seeing the symptoms final year, Intel hosted IEM tournaments in each Chicago and Shanghai, but the Planet Championship was nonetheless reserved for Katowice. There has to be a very first someplace, and as these cities are proving, it can be anyplace. 

“Katowice is a special location since it shows a great transformation of a city from an industrial one particular into a modern day metropolis. We have focused on revitalisation, making recreational regions, improvement of culture and organization tourism,” says Krupa. “There is a catchphrase amongst British commandos: ‘He who dares, wins.’ A couple of years ago we bet on esports and nowadays we know it has been a sensible choice. It helped us grow to be the city you see nowadays.”


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