Cerulean Days, a Visual Novel following the online getting shut down soon after a biological attack


Cerulean Days surely sounds like an intriguing Visual Novel. Set on a modest contemporary island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, a deadly biological attack took location so the government shut the online down, leaving the island disconnected from the globe about it.

Following the lethal attack in 2018 which led to the online getting shut down, it is now 2020 and the government has been operating to make their personal state-controlled Net.

At present in search of funding on Kickstarter, this is the third Visual Novel to be created by Cascade of Leaves, who previously produced Anomie and Winter’s Symphonies. In contrast to the very first two, Cerulean Days will be obtainable on Linux also.

Cerulean Days is set in 2020, and follows two outliers of society – mellow Michael and competent Séverine – as they uncover the accurate effects of 2018. Amidst tragedy of lost buddies and loved ones bonds are grown, solace is identified, feelings blossom, truth is found, and conspiracies are seemingly unraveled. 

Their target is just below £10K and with 23 days to go they have about 28% of the funding they call for.

If you happen to be interested in attempting it out, they do have a Linux demo obtainable, appears like it was produced with Ren’Py and it functions very effectively. Appears like it has some good writing to it also along with some terrific artwork.

You can see extra on Kickstarter.

Short article taken from GamingOnLinux.com.


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