Can I play my games fluently on my two consoles in my residence? : PlayStationPlus


Hey guys, just a different thread with dumb queries once again that google has a tough time understanding my search phrases.

Okay, so right now me and the missus purchased a secondary console for her in the lounge. We are completed transferring and my account has been copied on her a console and saved information. My dumb query is, given that I have PS Plus with the on-line storage function, can I just like use her console to play games exactly where I have left off from my major console? How would I accomplish this? I’m guessing from HER console, I go below storage management, and go to download program storage? Mainly because I do not see an upload exactly where I manually upload my storage from my console. As properly, if I download my information, will it double up the information that currently at the moment exists on her console from exactly where I lay left off (two days ago)? If so would it be encouraged to clear my saved information and just hold downloading it when I use it?

How can I effectively do this for what I want? And stay clear of doubling up on information (due to the fact just after all it is her console and want to save her adequate space as attainable).



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