Alexa is dumber than Siri and Google Assistant


Loup Ventures has carried out its Digital Assistant IQ test, asking Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa the exact same 800 inquiries every. Cortana and Bixby weren’t portion of the analysis, which was carried out on Siri on iOS 12.four, Google Assistant on Pixel XL operating Android 9 Pie, and Alexa through the iOS app.

The 800 inquiries had been split in five categories (neighborhood, commerce, navigation, details, and commands), and the rating technique was searching at each how nicely the query was understood by the assistant, as nicely as delivery of the right response.

Google outperforms in details-connected inquiries, Siri handles commands most effective, and the ranking of utility primarily based on the quantity of inquiries answered has remained the exact same (Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa), but there have been dramatic improvements on every platform and in every category in the handful of quick years that we have been tracking the progress of digital assistants — Loup Ventures

As the table above reveals, Google Assistant is major the pack in each understanding the queries, as nicely as delivering the right answer. Second comes Apple’s Siri, with Alexa on the final spot. When there had been categories exactly where Alexa outperformed Siri, there’s 1 category (commands) in which Google and its Assistant is pushed to second by Apple’s Siri (graphics under).

You can study extra about the analysis by following the supply hyperlink under.

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