Pilot the 19th century’s most unreliable spaceship in 39 Days to Mars, coming quickly to PS4


Hello, I’m the developer of 39 Days to Mars, a two player co-operative puzzle-adventure game, and I’m quite excited to announce that it will be coming to PlayStation four!

39 Days to Mars is a game about co-operation, exactly where you perform with a pal to manage two hapless British inventors on their quest to sail to Mars for a cup of afternoon tea. It is inspired by my childhood reading and like of Heath Robinson and Jules Verne, and it is a mix of whimsical story and absurd contraptions.

39 Days to Mars on PS4

One particular of the points I’m most excited about for the PS4 release appears inconsequential at very first, but I actually assume it will make a massive distinction!

In the single player mode, you manage each characters (Albert and the ship’s cat) at the similar time. When playing on a pc, this was completed making use of the mouse for one particular and the keyboard for the other, two quite unique input procedures that created points really feel lopsided. The Dualshock four controller, on the other hand, is pretty much specifically symmetrical!

The two joysticks and the trigger buttons are at the similar level, and balanced on the controller. When attempting to co-ordinate your left and ideal thumbs to pour the ideal cup of tea, I really feel like getting each sides equal is actually going to assist!

39 Days to Mars on PS4

Aside from coordinating your tea brewing, 39 Days to Mars tasks you with baking scones, fixing water leaks, pruning your garden, and fighting a giant space Kraken.

The complete game is hand-drawn, and one particular of my favourite scenes — each when I was drawing it, and when I play it — is when the ship runs out of space coal. Albert and Baxter have to jump on a re-purposed penny farthing to attempt and gather adequate space rocks to refuel their ship.

The absurdity of the predicament is enhanced by the truth this is the very first time you get to move outdoors of the ship, and, lacking gravity in space, you all of a sudden uncover oneself devoid of a reference for up and down.

Navigating the wobbly penny farthing by way of space as the ship rotates about you is a surprising moment and provides a neat view of the HMS Fearful that you do not get at any other point in the game.

39 Days to Mars on PS4

I hope this provides you a glimpse into 39 Days to Mars and what to count on on the PS4, and I hope that you delight in playing it when it comes out this winter!


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