Couch Co-Op Game ‘Wild Woods’ Sports Cats, Roguelike Components, & Bandit Bunnies


Grab your mates and employ them to guard your wooden wagon as adorable cats in Wild Woods. You will have to make use of just about every second by gathering sources or fending off attackers to clear the risky forest.

A single to 4 cats are essential for this adventure – hopefully, with some coordination and cooperation. Players will be in charge of maintaining their wagon intact and complete of goodies as they venture via the forest.

For the duration of the day, the name of the game is stockpiling something you can get your paws on. Specially lumber. When evening hits, you will be vulnerable devoid of a light to see incoming attacks. Bandit bunnies and badgers will be nipping at your heels and breaking your valuable wagon, so it is up to you to fend them off and guard your cargo. Surviving the evening suggests you get to reside to see a different day, and you are back to operate. Break down fallen logs, collect sources, lick your wounds, and push forward.

As you progress, you will be provided a couple of selections. Do you delve into ancient ruins and upgrade your wagon with gold you acquired to protect against it from taking such a horrid beating or get into the thick of the forest and take on the bandit king? Who does not adore a very good fight with their most effective feline buddies?

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