The Kia Telluride is surprisingly higher-tech and fashionable (for a Kia)



Kia constructed a luxury SUV with a third row. Scratch that — Kia constructed an incredible luxury-esque SUV with a third row that is an outstanding worth. The Telluride begins at $31,690 and is punching above its weight. Except for a couple of interior material possibilities, the Telluride ought to be on your shortlist of SUVs to verify out.

The design and style is the 1st issue that grabs you. It has a hint of Variety Rover. It is not a copy of the iconic brand, but out of the corner of your eye, you would not be blamed for mistaking it for a British SUV. This is one particular of these cars that when I drove it about, I was asked what it was primarily based only on the exterior. Most have been shocked when I mentioned it was a Kia. Then they texted their spouse the pics they took of the car or truck.

2020 Kia Telluride review

The interior is practically as impressive. The seats are comfy all through, and whilst I encountered some headroom troubles in the third row, any person below six foot ought to have no situation sitting there for an hour or two. The appear follows the Kia/Hyundai design and style language, but fancier. The only reminders you that you are in a comparatively economical luxury SUV are the components. They nonetheless really feel like they are from a midclass car. Certain, they appear good, but they really feel much less than lavish.

Personally, I’d overlook it. I seldom run my hands more than the interior of my car or truck and consider about how the manufacturer decided on one particular material more than a further. Yes, the wood in the dash is fake, but I nonetheless like the way it appears. Plus, practically nothing truly feels low cost.

Kia is nonetheless utilizing the no-nonsense infotainment method identified in Hyundais. It is not fascinating, but it functions, and I am nonetheless a fan of the customizable house screen that surfaces 3 characteristics. Although utilizing the method, latency was barely noticeable, and it supports CarPlay and Android Auto regular. So if you’d rather use your telephone, you can with out dropping some further money.

Behind the wheel, the Kia has sharp steering but nonetheless drives like a substantial midsize SUV. The anticipated physique roll is there, specially on mountain passes. The three.eight-liter V6 engine’s 291 horsepower and 262 pounds of torque had no difficulty with merging onto the freeway and overtaking slower drivers.

The driver’s help characteristics (adaptive cruise handle and lane-hold help) are on par with Kia’s other cars. The adaptive cruise handle is strong and reduces speed in a comfy style when automobiles merge ahead of it. Lane-hold help is fine at straight lines and wide curves, but something else is beyond its skills.

2020 Kia Telluride review

My greatest situation is that the lane-hold-help is rather aggressive I identified it a bit as well overbearing. It is not as assertive as Tesla’s Autopilot whilst driving, but I turned it off a lot more generally than I do in other automobiles. It is coupled with a lane-departure warning that is prepared to yell at you when you get as well close to the edge of the lane. It is fine on the freeway and in town, but on mountain passes, it may well get annoying if you hug the line about corners.

Although these characteristics seemed a bit overzealous, one particular security item on the car or truck appears just appropriate: the blind-spot cameras. When you place the turn signal on, the blind spot of the lane you are merging into shows up in the dash cluster. I 1st encountered this function on the Hyundai Sonata, and I liked it there. Right here, it really is superior. Massive cars have bigger blind spots, and minimizing the likelihood of a collision through some slick camera placement is a win in my book.

Even if you are not altering lanes, it really is useful. If you are moving into the appropriate lane to make a turn at an intersection, the camera could alert you to a bicyclist you may well have missed whilst driving.

In addition to seating for seven or eight (based on if you want the second-row captain’s chairs), the Telluride has a lot of cabin space with lots of head and legroom for most adults. With all the seats up, the back of the Telluride has 21 cubic feet of storage. Place all these seats down, and that quantity jumps to 87. That matches the Ford Explorer and is just a bit a lot more than the Honda Pilot’s 84 cubic feet.

The Telluride has an all-wheel-drive alternative and a snow setting for these who reside exactly where the white stuff falls. You can also add a sunroof to it. In truth, you can push that beginning value up fairly promptly. Kia sent me one particular with all the bells and whistles, and it ended up costing about $46,000. Practically nothing to sneeze at, but nonetheless a very good worth.

2020 Kia Telluride review

The Kia Telluride is the automaker’s biggest car. It is a substantial midsize SUV with a surprisingly comfy third row. In truth, the complete car is comfy and properly equipped for its value point. Throw in a substantial dose of tech, some good styling and never be shocked if you see a lot more of these rolling about the neighborhood.