Test Station: The Test Was A Accomplishment



I promised an update about how the Cleveland Classic Console and Arcade Gaming Show (CCAG) inaugural Test Station went.

OK, so the headline answers the query.  We have been so busy, I forgot to get photos!  (The prime 1 is a snap from the CCAG Facebook web page.)  Two tables, eight TVs (A mix of CRT and LCD), twenty various systems (while there have been nonetheless 3 that have been requested throughout the show that we did not bring), and six men and women operating the station (which includes fellow RFGener zophar53, who kindly volunteered) and we have been nonetheless speaking about expansion for subsequent year.  It wasn’t overwhelming although, just constant, and absolutely everyone seemed type and patient.  We tested systems, games, cords, and even helped confirm the legitimacy of a handful of highly-priced carts by opening them and hunting inside.

Highlights integrated attempting to assistance a kiddo who most likely wasn’t more than 12 repair his TI-99 and Coleco, each that he brought from house and had been playing till they conked out.  We did not get either up and operating, but did hopefully point in the correct path about how and what to replace.  It delighted me to see somebody in that age bracket playing old, obscure gaming systems for enjoyable and not just novelty. 
A handful of vendors also came more than to test their wares, and I lost count of the instances I overheard some thing along the lines of, “why hasn’t this been a factor all along?!”  We did hear about 1 other convention that had a testing station, while the vendor charged a couple bucks per game to test.  Thinking of that would double the price of the majority of games I usually obtain, I can see why providing to test for cost-free is substantial.  It is a lot of perform but in the finish it was properly worth it.

The show itself was exceptional as normally, and I most likely saved a ton by not possessing time to shop all day.  I did snag a synth cart for C64 for music makin’, a re-traced Virtual Boy, a back-up Vectrex and multicart, a cool Smash Bros. sign (that attendees kept attempting to obtain from our table immediately after it was bought) and a handful of other odds and ends.

Thanks once more to zophar53 for his type assistance, and to Dave and Christy Paradiso, our excellent buddy Jonathan Huntt, and of course my Beloved wife for generating it all take place.  Hopefully, this will be the very first of quite a few terrific years assisting out the retro gaming neighborhood!