it is 1987-1997 and youre permitted 10 Computer games – what you purchasing?


I assume you went in the incorrect path, OP :messenger_squinting_tongue: I am going to largely ignore story-heavy, dialogue-heavy games and concentrate on stuff that will final me. So in no distinct order:

Total Annihilation – for my RTS repair
Nethack – for my roguelike repair
DOOM – for my FPS repair
Descent II – for my “six degrees of freedom” repair

X-COM UFO Defense (a.k.a UFO Enemy Unknown) – for my X-COM repair
Master of Orion – for my 4x repair
X-Wing vs Tie Fighter – for my flight game repair
Star Handle II – for my epic space opera repair

Age of Empires – for additional RTS repair
Commander Keen – for platforming repair


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