IGP 1st Appear – ‘Dicey Dungeons’


This week’s IGP 1st Appear requires us into the cute, but unsafe globe of higher-stakes die rolls with roguelike Dicey Dungeons.

Dicey Dungeons pits you against Lady Luck to win fabulous prizes like monster trucks and riches, but a lot more probably, you will discover oneself beaten up by adorable physique builders and poisonous ice cream cone slimes. Dice are quite a great deal your only buddy in this globe, and how you use your many rolls, and how you prepare for many attainable roll outcomes, will choose if you claim the treasures or just get beat down.

As I’ve stated about this game prior to, I was not ready for just how several makes use of you could get out of six-sided die rolls. The game presents so several various forms of harm and roll needs to use them. You can equip for higher or low rolls, as effectively as use a number of skills that let you split, raise, or reduced your rolls based on your wants. There are powers you can charge up more than time, or skills that perform more than and more than once more if you have extremely certain rolls. It is a deep, deep method that felt seriously engaging on each and every turn as I fought to soak as a great deal harm as I could from the rolls I got.

Adding dungeon crawling components only created it much better, as it was a blast to discover simple dungeons filled with goofy enemies and riches in the kind of new or enhanced skills. Your powers are often altering as you weigh new attacks against the probabilities of the dice, which had me constantly considering and re-evaluating my tactics. Combining that with a super cute art style, pun-y enemies, and a snappy soundtrack created for some excellent, excellent roguelike play.

Even if the game was not ready for my Bear victory. I beat it so challenging that I crashed it. As should really take place when a bear wins.

Dicey Dungeons is readily available now on Itch.io and Steam.


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