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Warhammer Combat Cards is a mobile adaptation of the classic card game identified as Citadel Combat Cards. Properly Played Games and Flaregames’ ambitious card battler is set in the war-ravaged universe of Warhammer 40,000, and it is out there now for iOS and Android.

Games Workshop’s cult card game has remained common amongst Warhammer fans ever given that its release in the late 80s. It focuses on the eternal conflict at the heart of the 40k universe, and it capabilities several recognisable characters and tips that would go on to inspire other titles in the genre.

This mobile adaptation boasts an expansive roster that goes nicely beyond what would be probable with a physical card game. At launch, it capabilities all Warhammer 40,000 factions, with even much more characters and cards set to arrive in post-launch updates. Every single and each a single comes with its personal ‘Eavy Metal-painted miniature that corresponds to the physical item line.

It is the interplay amongst all of these various factions that lends the game its tactical edge. You can, for instance, combine potent Warlords with allied Bodyguards to develop your self an all-potent deck.

There are also time-restricted story campaigns to get involved in that are confident to challenge even the most battle-hardened players. To retain issues fresh, all of these themed events will demand you to deploy decks affiliated with a certain faction, so you will not be capable to fall back on the similar old techniques.

Battles are produced all the much more intense thanks to the score composed by Gareth Cousins, an acclaimed music producer identified for his function on dozens of films and Television shows, such as Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity.

Even though it may possibly be targeting Warhammer fans, I reckon this a single could also please much more casual card game players. You will obtain Warhammer Combat Cards out there for download now more than on each the App Retailer and Google Play.

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