Gaming outshines other UK entertainment sectors in 2019


UK Games Industry

A report from the Entertainment Retailers Association has confirmed that in the 1st half of 2019, videogames generated far far more earnings than any other sector of the UK’s entertainment sector.

According to the report, in the 1st half of 2019, UK buyers spent £1.561 billion on videogames, which compares favourably to £1.070 billion spent on video and £673 million spent on music. The figure for videogames income represented a 1. per cent rise on the exact same period final year, and accounted for an impressive 47.two per cent of the total entertainment retail market place.

The ERA’s CEO Kim Bayley stated: “With January-June historically the quietest half of the year, this is yet another excellent outcome for entertainment. Digital solutions and physical retailers alike continue to innovate to expand the market place for music, video, and games.”

The ERA’s report shone some fascinating light on the income split among physical and digital sales of videogames. Of the all round £1.561 billion devote, physical videogames sales accounted for £184.9 million – down by eight.five per cent on final year’s figures – although digital revenues rose two.four per cent to £1.376 billion.

Stunningly, the report also revealed that Grand Theft Auto V was the finest-promoting game in the 1st half of 2019, clocking sales of 361,312 units in the UK, followed by FIFA 19 with 360,588 units and Tom Clancy’s The Division two with 263,520 units. The latter is so far the finest-promoting game basically released in 2019, rather than the preceding year, followed by Resident Evil two which shifted 239.495 units to occupy fifth spot in the chart.

The report stated: “Games remains by far the largest sector accounting for almost half of the combined music, video and games markets.” And that was regardless of the reality that the videogames market place is massively skewed towards the second half of every year, with the largest blockbusting releases scheduled to take benefit of the Christmas sales rush.

For far more facts on how videogames dominate the UK’s common entertainment retail sector, maintain an eye on the ERA’s web site.


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