A couple of queries concerning PS3 : PS3



Sorry for the vague title.

So i have owned my PS3 due to the fact possibly 2012. In the finish, i am not confident if it turned out to be a great get due to the fact i largely stuck to Computer, anyway. I did devote a lot of terrific time with terrific games like FIFA 13, Uncharted two and the very first aspect of Watch Dogs but i am worried it was not adequate to justify buing it. Never get me incorrect, i appreciate this console but i am utilized to Computer and i spent substantially extra time with it. I really feel terrible for it due to the fact it was a present to me, so to make up for it, i have decided that for some time, i will attempt and only play on a console, even though i will generally be a Computer fan at heart. A couple of queries:

  1. At this point, do you consider it is worthwhile purchasing and playing games in PS3, or at this point must i switch to PS4, or possibly wait for PS5?

  2. Are there any great games for absolutely free on PS3? I only managed to come across this list, is it all*? Are any of them worth attempting?

  3. Do you consider that in numbers, there is nevertheless a lot of individuals playing PS3 or has “everybody” (naturally not everybody but most individuals) moved to PS4?

  4. I have attempted playing Uncharted two multiplayer, but to no avail. My world wide web connection appears ti be okay. Is there some thing wring in my aspect or is it basically due to the fact individuals are not playing it any longer?

If anyone’s study my post this far, thank you. If you can, please answer me, i will tremendously appreciate it!