I Adore Mad Catz’s Bizarre Gaming Mice


Appear at this piece of gaming hardware, all panels and buttons and weird pokey bits. This is the Mad Catz R.A.T. eight+ 1,000, a restricted edition mouse celebrating the company’s 30 year anniversary. It is emblematic of the odd but oddly-satisfying style alternatives created by a single of the largest names in pc peripherals. I really like it as if it had been my personal cyborg son.

To believe we almost lost Mad Catz. Back in 2017, the enterprise closed its doors following a lengthy struggle with not generating sufficient income to exist. Gamers everywhere mourned the loss. Would there ever be a enterprise brave sufficient to release definitely weird shit, like the S.T.R.I.K.E. gaming keyboard, or what ever the hell this factor was once more? Of course there would! Mad Catz was apparently as well major of a name not to be sooner or later swallowed up by a Chinese holding enterprise and place back into operation. Much less than a year just after closing, Mad Catz was back in enterprise as Mad Catz Worldwide Restricted, with a complete web-site filled with characteristically strange goods like the revitalized R.A.T. line of kooky gaming mice.

The $99 R.A.T. eight+ is the major of the Mad Catz R.A.T. line. The certain model I’ve been making use of is the R.A.T. eight+ 1,000, a restricted edition of the mouse released to celebrate the brand’s anniversary. The enterprise only created 1,000 of these, but do not be concerned if you miss out. It is the identical factor as the typical version only with a dark gray and gold deco and a fancy box.

The R.A.T. eight+ has got a Pixart PMW 3389 optical sensor, which characteristics the quickest tracking speed (400 inches per second) and highest resolution (16,000 counts per inch) of Pixart’s existing gaming mouse sensor lineup. It makes use of Omron switches for its buttons, rated to 50 million clicks for the duration of their lifetime. The R.A.T. eight+ is programmable, with sufficient onboard memory to retailer 4 profiles. Mad Catz’ Flux Interface computer software enables customers to tweak these profiles, adjust mouse lift-off, tweak the RGB lighting and a lot more.

The normal R.A.T. eight+ in fundamental black.

The R.A.T. eight+ has several buttons. Left click. Suitable click. There’s a button beneath the scroll wheel to adjust the mouse’s CPI. On the thumb rest there are world wide web back and forward buttons, as nicely as a precision aim button that slows down the pointer for ideal shots. Along with a clickable scroll wheel, there is a thumb barrel handle. Virtually all of these buttons are programmable.

It mouses fantastic, which is an crucial factor for a gaming mouse to do. But the actual promoting point of the R.A.T. eight+ is its physical versatility, AKA the explanation the mouse appears like a prosthetic dog foot from the far future.

The R.A.T. eight+ is constructed so customers can customize the mouse for comfy and optimal hand positioning. The palm rest, for instance, can be slid back with the push of a button, extending to accommodate bigger hands. Pulling it out all the way enables the rest to be swapped out for a single of two alternate palm rests.

Other adjustments can be performed by means of a hex driver tucked into the rear of the mouse. Customers can get rid of the pinky assistance and replace it with a piece a lot more friendly to a claw-style mouse grip.

The thumb rest can also be adjusted so it is additional outward from the principal mouse physique, as nicely as greater or reduced along the side of the unit. When all the adjusting is carried out, the hex driver slips back into the underside of the unit, carrying out double duty as an anchor for a trio of removable weights.

On a single hand, particularly if that a single hand is the only a single that will be touching the mouse, all of this adjustability is sort of silly. When a particular person finds the optimal position for their R.A.T. eight+, it is probably they’ll in no way touch any of the adjustable characteristics once more. But me, I like to play and fiddle with my hardware. I have restless hands. Substantial restless hands that appreciate the further length and extended thumb area the R.A.T. eight+ delivers.

Here’s what my R.A.T. eight+ appears like now.

I’ve got the palm rest as far back as it will go. I swapped out the default pinkie rest for the claw-friendly platform. I’ve pulled the thumb rest away from the side of the mouse so my huge hand can sit in a a lot more organic position. This is what performs for me.

That is what I really like so substantially about Mad Catz’s goofy R.A.T. line of adjustable gaming mice. I could have gone by means of a dozen other gaming mice to come across a single with all the characteristics I like. Alternatively, I created a handful of adjustments to this a single and now I’m fantastic to go. The R.A.T. eight+ appears strange, but it is a strange factor that suits me completely.


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