Google sharing more Stadia details in another livestream later this month •


“This time around, it’s all about the games”.

Google has scheduled another Stadia-themed livestream for later this month, and is promising to reveal further details regarding its rapidly approaching game streaming service.

The next Stadia Connect, as Google is calling its livestream series, will take place on Monday, 19th August at 6pm in the UK/10am PDT. That’s one hour before Geoff Keighley’s Game-Awards-style Gamescom Opening Night Live extravaganza, which will reportedly also feature some Stadia announcements.

Google hasn’t said exactly what it’ll be revealing during its latest Stadia Connect, but does suggest that “it’s all about the games”.

As such, we’ll almost certainly hear more on Stadia’s launch day line-up and beyond. Google has already revealed a 30-strong selection of games for the service’s release – including Doom Eternal, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, and more – but it’s yet to announce, for instance, the titles arriving as part of its previously confirmed partnerships with Capcom, EA, and Rockstar.

It also seems reasonable to expect a firm release date for Stadia, given that, to date, Google has only offered a loose “November” launch window for its £119 Founder’s Edition bundle.

Following the Stadia Connect livestream on 19th August, Google will be offering hands-on time with the service for anyone visiting its Gamescom booth.


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