Final Fantasy XI’s August update has more job adjustments along with new Ambuscade instances and battles



Here’s a change that will no doubt make players of Final Fantasy XI happy on multiple levels with the newest version update: There are now two separate instances available for players in Ambuscade to reduce load times and alleviate congestion. Yes, the congestion around Ambuscade is real, and yes, this will enable players to have an easier time loading into the area to fight off the new watermelon-themed mandragoras. Hey, you have to bring that summertime goodness into the game.

The update also contains the promised adjustments and updates for Red Mage, with Merit Point spells turned into scrolls and the previous categories replaced to buff magic accuracy, En-spell damage, and Immunobreak chance. You can check out the content broken down in digest form in the video just below, or you can read through the full set of patch notes to get a sense for the scope of the changes.

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