A new Cooking Mama game may be coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch


A new Cooking Mama game is seemingly on its way, as ratings for a Cooking Mama: Cookstar have appeared in Australia and Germany – good eye, Gematsu.

I’d be over the moon for a new Cooking Mama game, but what is a little dubious is that the German listing has this one down for Switch and PlayStation 4. The last Cooking Mama game, Cooking Mama Sweet Shop, came out two years ago for the 3DS; the series has always been exclusive to Nintendo consoles.

Furthermore, the Japanese developer Cooking Mama Ltd — previously known as Office Create — and publisher 505 Games collaborated from 2006 to 2011, with Nintendo taking over as its publisher from 2011 onwards. Cooking Mama: Cookstar is shown to have First Playable Productions and Planet Entertainment as its developer and publisher, respectively. They aren’t the usual suspects, but as First Playable Productions is known for licensed titles on Nintendo handhelds and Planet Entertainment specialises in Switch titles, maybe Cookstar will be a showstopper.

A Cooking Mama game for the Nintendo Switch would be chop notch, but for now we’ll have to wait til a crumb of official information rolls our way. 


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