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This write-up is meant as an introduction to the project. I want to give you an overview of what to count on that is a tiny much more detailed than the summary web page.

Hello, reader. For this very first write-up, I decided to give you a tiny overview of the project, exactly where we stand, exactly where we’re headed and what we hope to provide with this game.


Unconventional Warfare hasn’t constantly been the game you see ideal now. Initially began in Q2 2017 by my boss with the world’s worst username (say hi to gusrbehfdl), it looked like this:

Old combat

Old inventory

Right here is the timeline of this project:

  • Q2 2017: Very first prototype of UW
  • Q1 2018: Nailed down the core combat mechanic, began commissioning 2D artists, began operating on UW seriously/complete-time
  • Q2 2018: Decided to convert UW from 2D to 3D(Square joined)
  • Q3 2018: UW is in 3D comparable to how it is now(YM2612 joined)
  • Q4 2018: Began working with the terrain as an alternative of mesh grounds. Massive jump in environmental visuals. Enhanced combat mechanics / controls.(PMar &amp Rizu joined)
  • Q1 2019: Camping mechanic added
  • Q2 2019: Wound technique, enhancing combat(Machinegun, MkV, and so forth) Began operating on dynamic mode (Spitfire and I joined)
  • Q3 2019: You are going to locate this out quickly adequate

So as you can see, what began out as a primitive 2d game, ultimately got to the point exactly where the game’s visuals began to appear a lot much more pleasing. I hope you like grass shaders, mainly because Unconventional Warfare now undoubtedly tends to make superior use of a single.


Yeah, now we’re speaking.

About the game

The brief version is what you might have currently study in the summary: Unconventional Warfare is a major-down tactical shooter. Whilst that is accurate, it is a tiny bit broad. I will use this write-up as an chance to go into much more detail about what this game is and is not.

The simple gameplay

You are in manage of a squad of soldiers that is created up of one of a kind characters. eight characters (most important character + 7) are planned ideal now and we’ll take our time to introduce each and every of them in higher detail in future articles. The game attributes a major-down camera that you are totally free to rotate and pan about your squad. This is to assure you will not have difficulty acquiring an overview of the present scenario. We’re going for a hybrid genuine time and turn primarily based technique as was observed in the indie hit More rapidly Than Light. What this signifies is that though the action plays out in genuine time, you are totally free to pause the game at any time and give commands. So it really is not really clear irrespective of whether calling Unconventional Warfare turn primarily based or genuine time is much more precise. Time stress is not a concern for you, which is a single of the pillars of a turn primarily based game as opposed to a genuine time game. Nevertheless, there are not any turns and each the player and the AI play at their personal pace. Not obtaining to wait for anybody else is a defining element of genuine time games. So irrespective of whether you want to contact UW a turn primarily based game with genuine time components or a genuine time game with turn primarily based components, is up to you.

Navigation and combat come about indirectly, which is common for techniques and approach games. You choose some characters, give them the command to go to a specific place or attack an enemy, and they execute it autonomously. These commands can of course be chained. In mixture with the pausing, you could leverage this to split your squad into two groups, give a single of them the command to attack an enemy squad, though top the other group about the enemy to attack them from their flank. This is exactly where the tactical aspect of the game comes into play. You happen to be quite substantially encouraged to pause the game frequently to reassess the scenario and give new commands.

The gameplay “contexts”

You will not devote 100% of your time commanding your squad in combat. Rather, the game is structured into what I am going to refer to as contexts.


The aforementioned squad primarily based combat is a single of them. It occurs either on hand-crafted or procedurally generated levels, based on exactly where you get into combat. The hand-crafted levels are employed for vital areas as you encounter them in the game’s story. Examples would be cities, enemy bases and outposts. If you get into a fight outdoors of these particular areas, you spawn on a procedurally generated map. This is to assure a fantastic deal of selection in your encounters. The encounters themselves are really straightforward conceptually. Your squad and all enemy squads are spawned (with some space in among you, for apparent factors) on the map and you fight it out. If you win, you get some loot and can leave. Deaths and injuries are preserved, so you do nicely not to get into also several fights in swift succession, if you are poorly equipped.


The subsequent context is camping. If your squad is hungry, hurt and/or tired, you have to have to get some rest. In cities you can rest automatically, which functions just as it does in games like the 3d Fallouts. You click on the “Rest” button, specify the duration and confirm. If you are outdoors of cities and have the expected products, you can camp. Camping constantly occurs on procedurally generated maps. As opposed to enemy encounters, your squad spawns alone. You locate a superior place and make your camp. Constructing your camp consists at least of developing a tent, but might also consist of preparing camp fires, digging trenches and laying landmines. The purpose for this is that though you spawn alone, it really is not assured that it stays that way and you might have to fend off enemies. To assure the recovery phase does not turn into tedious, you can rapid-forward. We have also planned some camping particular gameplay mechanics to give you anything to do with your squad though some of its members are recovering.

Planet map

I talked about getting inside and outdoors of cities. Moving big distances occurs in the globe map context. The globe map is a node-primarily based map that functions substantially like the sector map in More rapidly Than Light does. You have areas that are spread out on it. Every place is connected to its neighbors and you can move a single step at a time. After you attain a place, a quantity of items could come about. You could get into a fight, you could trigger a quest or you locate absolutely nothing at all. As you can see on the genuinely early WIP screenshot beneath, there are major and compact nodes. Massive (or key) nodes are the particular nodes with hand-crafted maps exactly where you can rest, though the compact (or minor) nodes are the procedurally generated ones.

World map WIP

The red reinforcement location mechanic you can see is lifted straight out of FTL and is topic to adjust in future. Much more one of a kind and intriguing mechanics would not function on this compact test map.

The game modes

The game will have two modes: Story mode and dynamic mode. Let’s start out with the dynamic mode, as it really is our very first priority and the concentrate of the upcoming 08/08/19 demo. In dynamic mode you spawn on finish of the globe map and have an enemy spawn at the border (which is conveniently situated on the opposite finish of the map). Your target is to attain the border, exactly where you are going to have to defeat the enemy. Due to the fact the most important character, equipped with absolutely nothing but a pistol, is not adequate to win this, you are going to have to make up your squad very first. There are 30 one of a kind events. These are partially randomized (so you do not constantly locate the similar shop with the similar products) and grouped into 3 difficulty levels (10 each and every). A random choice is spawned on the map when you start the game and if you attain a node that has an occasion attached to it, you have to comprehensive it very first ahead of you can do something else. The events could be combat connected, spawn quests or retailers or basically present you with a option. Up till now, dynamic mode reads like a description for FTL, which was intentional (did you know: FTL was a single of the most important inspirations for UW). UW differs from FTL in some major techniques having said that. There would be the setting (fantasy WW1 as an alternative of space), the aesthetic (anime/cartoon as an alternative of pixel art), 3d as an alternative of 2d, the combat technique exactly where you essentially fight on levels and some much more, which we’ll cover in a future write-up on dynamic mode.

I will not say also substantially about the story mode in this write-up, other than that it splices in visual novel story-telling into the core gameplay, which was currently outlined. The purpose for this is that the story mode is scheduled for a later demo and a later release. Dynamic mode offers us a sandbox in which we can implement the attributes without having obtaining to contemplate the story and it also offers our writer much more time. Needless to say, the story mode as it exists in the outdated v0.four.57 demo will get a key overhaul.

What is subsequent?

Properly, I can not share also substantially, but I can give you a quite rough roadmap.


This shall be it for this write-up. Comply with us for much more insights into the improvement procedure! If you have queries, ask away.


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