three-D Art Lead and a three-D Programmer Lead for NFL Mobile Game Concept Application


I am placing collectively a improvement group to submit a game notion notion for a competitors, 
The game notion is for a three-D sports-themed, mobile game. Whilst the competitors is presently asking for only a higher-level notion description of the game, if the notion is chosen, there will be possibilities for actual improvement down the line. As aspect of the submission requirement, I require to list group members in the roles of art lead and programming lead, as nicely as previous encounter and hyperlinks to operate for every group member. I require to submit the application by mid-August, so the turnaround time on this is fairly swift. I currently have the game notion, I just require group members now.
I am hunting for two roles, a three-D art lead and a three=D programmer lead. If our group is chosen, this will be a income-shared project.

Please send me a message if you are interested, along with your prices, sample operate, and intellectual home/ownership policies. As soon as group members are selected, I will send out a lot more specifics particularly about the application.

Thank you for your consideration. All the greatest.


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