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Horror is, without the need of a doubt, one particular of my favourite genres, in particular when it comes to videogames. My 1st exposure to Silver Chains was with its reveal trailer, which quickly gave me Resident Evil 7 vibes, piquing my interest in the title.

opens with the player character (Peter), waking
up in a seemingly abandoned Victorian-era, English-style manor, without the need of any
recollection of how he got there.  Like
any great exploratory horror game, the straightforward setup and reliance on the amnesic
hero trope permit players to grasp the truth behind the strange manor progressively.

Speaking of Amnesic heroes, Silver Chains feels related to games
such as Amnesia: The Dark Descent,
with an atmosphere a lot more reminiscent of titles such as the aforementioned, Resident Evil 7. Outlast and Alien: Isolation also
comes to thoughts, as Silver Chains
function quite a few sequences in which the player should hide from otherworldly
threats that loom about the old manor.  Silver Chains forgoes standard
collectables in favour of a healthful dose of mementoes, such as diary entries
and old photographs that flesh out the story and normally, function Peter’s personal
thoughts narrated to the player.

Silver Chains Review
Silver Chains – Image Credit Cracked Heads Games

Early on, players will have their 1st encounter with Silver Chain’s most important threat to the player, the ghastly and gaunt matriarchal resident of the household.  Like some of the titles described above, Silver Chains does not function any combat. As an alternative, players will have to discover locations to hide or basically run away anytime they encounter any hostiles inside the manor.  General, the title does a great job in maintaining up this cat and mouse dynamic as players progress via the mansion.

is a great hunting game, anything from the old
and chipped paint on the walls to the creepy and atmospheric sound effects
lends in making a believable, gothic setting.   At the finest of occasions, Silver Chains feels like reading a victorian-era novel, such as Dracula, specifically, in the sequences
that have the player come across diary entries or snippets of written text.

Regrettably, some of the delivery in the
game can come off feeling half-hearted, or at the quite least, uninspired,
particularly, in reference to some of Peter’s lines in the game. Fortunately, Silver Chains is in the end a lot more about
its atmosphere and its reliance on classic survival horror tropes, that make
the game actually shine.

Silver Chains Review 2
Silver Chains – Image Credit Cracked Heads Games

does not do considerably in terms of new concepts or
ideas nonetheless, what it does, it does effectively. I enjoyed my time with Silver Chains, but through my
playthrough, I couldn’t support but evaluate it with other titles inside the very same
genre. What I imply by this, is that Silver
will probably only appeal to a niche audience, these who get pleasure from
slower-paced romps, exactly where normally, seeing is a lot more crucial than performing.

One particular of the most attractive elements to me in
videogames is the capability to discover and engage with stuff about the game
globe. Regrettably, in spite of a powerful and effectively-realized setting, Silver Chains lacks in the
factors-to-interact with division. In other words, the game seldom attributes
branching paths or optional locations. In reality, most of the game globe inside Silver Chains is static, which means players
can only interact with precise objects, normally these related with

is a game I advocate for these who like horror
and exploration-driven games. The game is finest played in brief bursts,
all through a couple of nights with a great pair of headphones and probably, a
good cup of tea.   Readers hunting for a
game that revolutionizes the horror genre or gives a thing new, possibly
disappointed by how familiar Silver
sticks to currently, effectively-established horror game tropes.


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