Require my BC PS3 repaired, any superior repair shops in the USA?


I purchased a Backwards compatible PS3 off a coworker for $30. It operates except that the memory card, memory stick, and C.F. card cover is missing and the disc drive had some pennies in it. I opened it up(I&#039ve opened up a couple of for cleaning prior to) and I opened up the disc drive and got the pennies out, but I will have to not have place the white plastic pieces inside the drive back in their appropriate spots as when I place a disc in, I can hear it spin up and it reads the disc extended sufficient for the icon to pop up on the xmb but then it stops. I also somehow pulled off a blue tab off 1 of the ribbon cables when I was placing it back with each other( I could repair that with a compact drop of super glue). I genuinely want to get it back in best functioning order, so I want to spend an individual who knows how to repair it.

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