Indie Retro News: Tiny Small Slug


Most of the time when it comes to Amiga games, we ordinarily get a heads up by a excellent pal, or a current post through the Commodore Amiga Facebook group. But this time taking us fully by surprise, we’ve just been contacted by Slamy and XplrA through twitter, that they are operating on a charming searching platformer referred to as ‘ Tiny Small Slug ‘ an upcoming game that does not just appear fabulous but it really is coming to an Amiga OCS at some point in the close to future.

Function in Progress Footage

According to the description for the video above, this video provides a compact glimpse on current updates of the Fire/Lava Planet of Tiny Small Slug. The lava falls graphics had been updated and the front lava fall utilizes a fundamental transparency impact with a checkers pattern. The tiles of the lava planet had been also updated by the graphic artist XplorA and so the common visual mood of this planet was enhanced… So yes, as you can see not only does it appear rather impressive even at this early stage with original music compositon by Slamy referred to as “Yeldir’s Lair”, but there is also animated enemies, cool level graphics and a initial appear at the Tiny Small Slug.

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