Complete backwards compatibility and Indie-Games – No goldrush subsequent gen?


I consider there’ll be a fairly clear distinction in terms of shop visibility involving, say, PS5 and PS4 games, with the PS5 storefront getting PS5 games front and centre, but with PS4 games becoming sectioned off in some menu someplace.

That’ll leave PS5 games, like indies, with a greater level of visibility than PS4 games on the identical program – not sufficient to make them stand out just for current, but it will at least give them a tiny bit of space in which to stand out.

Worth bearing in thoughts also that the generation shift is likely going to imply a greater percentage of the PlayStation Plus/Games with Gold games are indie games. The huge-name games on these solutions are frequently older games at or close to the finish of their sales life cycle. At the commence of subsequent generation there will not be any games like that, so Sony and Microsoft will turn to indies to present games, as we saw earlier this generation. That will present visibility and income for at least a choose handful of of them.


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