Catch-up Weekend!


Get prepared for the launch of Uprising and catch up on leveling, crafting, and PvP with:

2x XP – Earn double the knowledge for you and your companions
2x Professions – Morale charges will be halved enabling you to do double as numerous profession tasks in a day. Explorer&#039s charts yield double throughout this occasion
2x Glory – Earn double Glory throughout PvP

Catch-up Occasion starts Thursday, August eight at 10am PDT

Catch-up Occasion ends Monday, August 12 at 10am PDT

What will grant you double XP in Neverwinter throughout this occasion?

XP gained from killing creatures in game.
XP rewards from quests.
XP rewards from invocation.
Companions will also achieve double XP. Even if you are level 70, your companions will continue to achieve double XP as you progress by means of the game.


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