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Even of you are not a fan of the Atari 2600, there’s a likelihood you have encountered the name Birthday Mania. In all probability in a single of these lists of The All-Time Rarest And/Or Most Important Video Games Ever. It generally seems close to the best of these lists for the reason that it is insanely uncommon and for the reason that (I suspect) writers use prior lists as their major sources when carrying out study for their personal list.

Developed to be provided as a present, each and every copy of Birthday Mania was custom produced and displayed the recipient’s name on the screen even though playing “Happy Birthday to You.” About ten copies have been sold via an ad that appeared in the Newark Star-Ledger sometime about 1984 and only a single copy has resurfaced considering the fact that.

In 2012, AtariAge user Atari_Warlord contacted Birthday Mania’s creator, Robert Tokar, hoping to license the game for a re-release. Rather than license the game, Tokar supplied to give the copyright for Birthday Mania more than to Atari_Warlord. As the copyright holder, Atari_Warlord had access to the supplies on file with the copyright workplace, which integrated a difficult copy of the supply code.  Making use of that, Atari_Warlord and programmer Thomas Jentzsch have been in a position to recreate the game and have produced the ROM accessible for the initial time.

To study the complete story and download the ROM to play in an Atari 2600 emulator, stop by the Birthday Mania Unwrapped thread in the AtariAge forums.

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