A Fortnite player ate a PlayStation present card mainly because Epic added a “no-make zone.”


We have officially entered wtf is taking place territory in the Fortnite neighborhood.

The lack of a modify to the mech was undoubtedly annoying but then Epic doubled-down by in fact removing the capability to make in a single section of the map.

This is an unprecedented move as it was constructing that seriously separated Fortnite from the rest of the Battle Royale genre back when the game initial became well-known.

Now back then, constructing was quite rudimentary compared to what it is now, but that was nevertheless a single of the crucial mechanics of Fortnite. At the Globe Cup, it was the ideal builders who have been in a position to prove productive more than and more than throughout the occasion.

So for Epic to make an region that does not enable constructing or harvesting, it developed really the stir. Very first and foremost was the particular person who commented a month ago and mentioned that if Epic ever did add a no-constructing zone, he would consume a PlayStation present card.

Nicely they did, so he did. Here’s the outcome:

If Fortnite ever does at some point die, this video will belong on the tombstone. Who even thinks to do one thing like this?

Personally, my favourite element is that he took a bite of the card prior to he started filming. Like he just dove appropriate into that issue like he hadn’t had a meal all day.

Then he realizes he really should in all probability film himself consuming plastic so he can prove he followed by way of on the bet.

Though his reaction is certainly the most memorable, lots of other members of the Fortnite neighborhood have been vocal about their dislike for the new anti-constructing function:


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