64MP quad-cam flagship to be referred to as Realme five, CEO confirms


Realme is anticipated to announce its 64MP quad camera smartphone quickly. The firm has scheduled an occasion in India on August eight exactly where it will showcase its camera, but we are unlikely to get extra particulars about the phones till later.

Lots of are assuming this 64MP quad camera smartphone will be referred to as the Realme four, but that is unlikely to occur as Chinese smartphone brands skip the quantity 4 for the reason that it really is viewed as unlucky in their residence nation.

Properly, adding additional credence to that speculation, Realme India CEO Madhav Sheth has indirectly confirmed that the firm will certainly skip the quantity 4 for its upcoming smartphone.

Sheth has changed his Twitter manage to Madhav ‘5’ Quad, confirming that the upcoming smartphone will be referred to as Realme five and will come with a quad camera setup.

Madhav Sheth changes his Twitter name to Madhav '5' Quad&#13

Madhav Sheth modifications his Twitter name to Madhav ‘5’ Quad

This is not the initial time Sheth has promoted a Realme smartphone on Twitter by altering his Twitter name. The Indian CEO had previously changed his name to “Madhav X” to market the Realme X in India.

Coming back to the 64MP quad camera smartphone, Realme hasn’t announced its launch date however but we know that it will make its debut in India just before it expands to other markets.



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