The Finest PS4 Games Accessible on PS Now – GameSpew


It could have been overshadowed by Microsoft’s great Xbox Game Pass service as of late, but Sony’s PlayStation Now is nonetheless fairly fantastic.

For £12.99/$19.99 a month you obtain access to more than 600 games with PS Now. Most of these are PS3 games, but there’s also a large quantity of PS4 games offered by way of the service. If you are a PS4 owner, pretty much all of the PS4 and PS2 games offered can be downloaded to your console, also, which means you will not have any streaming troubles.

The fantastic factor about PS Now is that you do not need to have a console to make use of it even though. If you have got a Computer – and who hasn’t? – you can just download an app and obtain access to a large quantity of games that otherwise wouldn’t be offered to you. Sadly there’s no choice to download games on Computer, so you will need to have a decent web connection to get the most out of it, but it nonetheless provides great worth.

Considering about subscribing to PS Now and asking yourself which games you need to tackle initially? Right here are what we think to be the greatest PS4 games presently offered on service. And don’t forget, there’s a cost-free PS Now trial offered if you want to give it a go with out spending any income.


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