Sky: Young children Of The Light – Atlas Chen Discusses thatgamecompany’s Most up-to-date Release


“Under the sky, below the heavens, there is but one particular loved ones.”

Thatgamecompany has accomplished a legendary reputation following 2012’s Journey, a game that was a calm refutation of the business at substantial. A couple of eyebrows have been raised when it announced that its subsequent game, Sky: Young children of the Light, would release on mobile devices only, at least at 1st. The Indie Game Web-site sat down with Atlas Chen, Game Designer at thatgamecompany, to chat the ins and outs of improvement, as nicely as how Sky came to be.

There are remnants of your other games, namely Journey and Flower, in Sky. What did you attempt to do various when establishing the game compared to your earlier titles? Was there a distinct style aim you genuinely wanted to realize?

I joined thatgamecompany (TGC) through the improvement of Sky but I didn’t operate on prior titles.  On the other hand, I did study TGC’s games intensively through the thesis for my MFA in Game Design and style. From my viewpoint, Sky, though becoming a spiritual successor of TGC’s prior titles with the core of bringing good inspiration to individuals, is one thing rather special. From Flow, Flower, Journey to Sky, I see a constantly escalating emphasis on humanity, on individuals, on the players. In Sky, we are inspired to generate a lasting neighborhood, a pure land that fosters genuine friendship, really like, and compassion.

“Under the sky, below the heavens, there is but one particular loved ones,” Bruce Lee stated. If we can really see that absolutely everyone is loved ones, if there is no enmity, no hatred, no separation from the idea of ‘you’ and ‘me,’ what would the globe come to be? I hope Sky will give us a peek of that.

How was the practical experience of releasing a prologue/beta – Sky: Light Awaits – ahead of the complete game? Was there any certain feedback from that which influenced the completed project?

It was immensely beneficial. Sky is a quite special and experimental project. We didn’t know the answer to several queries till we have been in a position to test it for genuine. The beta testers offered us with invaluable input and information. It considerably helped us shape the economy technique, social interaction, as nicely as the understanding and onboarding practical experience for new players.

We obtain a substantial quantity of feedback for each and every iteration. Men and women create quite detailed reports about points they see can be enhanced. They take screenshots and videos for the troubles they have noticed. They talk about with every single other and give us thoughtful ideas. There have been also several fanarts and comics developed by them that have brightened our days.

It feels that the beta players have been functioning side by side with us and they genuinely think in us and care for our accomplishment. We deeply appreciate the devotion of our beta players and we will continue listening to all our players and generating Sky much better as the globe will continue to evolve.

How do you assume an initial mobile release will evolve the shared-globe multiplayer you established in Journey? The complete multiplayer aspect appears to be additional ambitious.

Each Journey and Sky are quite special. To me, Journey emphasizes additional the inward reflection of one’s practical experience. The multiplayer connection is additional metaphorical – because you will not meet the particular person once again, it becomes a symbolic figure to contemplate on. Sky offers a significantly additional direct way of interaction and communication and lasting bonds with your mates. If Journey is a pilgrimage with strangers to a shared location, Sky is a dwelling for one particular huge loved ones to return to.

Yet another aspect is that Sky is quite various, in that it is a living and breathing globe. This is also rather new and fascinating to us. The globe of Sky will continue to evolve just after the initial launch. And we will continue to listen to the neighborhood. The players, previously beta testers and now players from all more than the globe, will be shaping the globe of Sky with us with each other.

Have there been any hints or surprises in how players have responded in Light Awaits? 

In the game, there are several examples of etiquettes. Most mates I have met in the game generally say goodbye to me ahead of they leave, by applying emotes like a wave, bow, hug, or an air kiss. When I log into the game and meet an old pal, they would usually present me a hug. When I have attempted to play music in the game, there are several instances that even strangers would clap or dance for me. It is fantastic to see such a synergy with individuals I have just met.

From the developer’s side, it is also excellent to see that the neighborhood has been quite supportive and caring for us. Even when they are reporting bugs and complaints most individuals are polite and encouraging.

When Flower was ultimately ported to iOS, Sky: Young children of the Light is your 1st appropriate mobile game. How has designing a game from the ground up for mobile? Have there been any special challenges you didn’t rather count on?

From a game style viewpoint, a main challenge has been usability. How we make the handle scheme intuitive and quick to use has been a fantastic challenge. Teaching that handle scheme has also been an additional. Considering the fact that the player could block component of the screen, UI style and level style has essential certain interest to configuration too… and we have had to make sure significant details is quick to study. 

Surely, the user base for mobile has been additional varied and we aspire to generate a game that each and every member of a loved ones can play with each other. It was important (even though difficult) to cater to individuals of various gaming practical experience and abilities. There was also tremendous operate from the engineering group to bring a console-excellent practical experience to mobile.  We are excited to see what fans make of it on mobile.

Have there been any alterations you have had to make to the game’s style due to its no cost-to-play model?

Immediately after years of experiments, no cost-to-start off revealed to be the appropriate selection because we want to attain to a bigger audience and make a larger effect on each the gaming business and society.

There have been several style implications just after this choice. For instance, retention and replayability became significant elements. This essential a lot additional content material to be constructed, along with new replayable game mechanics for every single component of the globe. In-game purchases also meant we required a complete economy technique also.

To foster a good neighborhood and reside up to what we assume is appropriate, we have been quite cautious. It may possibly appear naive from a enterprise standpoint, but we have implemented mechanics to discourage individuals from spending unhealthily lengthy hours in Sky. We have also attempted to steer clear of adding mechanics for meaningless chores in the globe or for selfish grinding – just for the sake of retention or replayability. What players do in Sky need to be meaningful in order to enable the individuals in the globe and other players.

How has the communication and partnership with Apple been because the game’s huge announcement at the company’s 2017 keynote?

As each the developer and publisher of Sky, we have been thankful for Apple’s assistance and promotion to make sure Sky is in the hands of as several players on their devices as probable.  All of our platform partners have been fantastic in supporting us as we appear to release Sky on Android, Computer and console in the close to future. Our hope is as several individuals play Sky as probable and fall in really like with video games as a medium like we have.

All in all, what is your proudest achievement with Sky?

It may be also early to say what we have accomplished however. But I’m genuinely proud that as a group we have stayed correct to ourselves and have generally intended the most effective for our players. There have been instances exactly where the path looked also distant, and there have been instances exactly where we struggled with challenges, but we by no means neglect why we began. 

I really think that we strive to do one thing meaningful for the players, for the gaming business, and for our society. It is stunning to see that players from all more than the globe are holding hands with each other and experiencing the wonders in the globe of Sky with each other.

In spite of moving to a smaller sized device, it seems thatgamecompany has preserved the scale of its charms. Sky: Young children of the Light is now offered on iOS.


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