‘Lost in the Backrooms’ Loses You in a Labyrinth of Creepy Corridors


You&#8217ve identified oneself in an unfortunate spot of endless hallways, stairs, and doors, pulled ever forward by somebody&#8217s audio notes in Lost in the Backrooms.

You open your eyes to a spot of continuous connected hallways in this game. It never ever feels like it&#8217s going to finish, usually taking you to a further hall of doors or to stairways upon stairways. The silence appears to want to swallow you up, and the only point that&#8217s worse is when you DO hear one thing. The electronic hum of a tape deck someplace nearby. A wind that doesn&#8217t appear to have a supply. It&#8217s a spot that weighs on the thoughts, usually seeming about to unveil its horrible secrets to you.

These continuous transitional spaces make an odd sensation as you discover the game. Stairs and hallways have a tendency to be locations involving sections of value in a game. They&#8217re a moment of quiet prior to items of note take place. Spending so substantially time in them creates this sense of dread that one thing is going to take place to you quickly &#8211 that you&#8217re just waiting and waiting and waiting to attain a spot and uncover the sinister force that controls this space. It&#8217s loaded with atmosphere mainly because of this. And mainly because the meaningless hallways also speak to a reality that&#8217s entirely broken and filled with horrors we can barely recognize.

Lost in the Backrooms is a quick horror game (about twenty minutes), but packs a terrific deal of stressful worry inside its winding confines. Perhaps you&#8217ll uncover a spot of which means inside its walls if you can manage that atmosphere it gradually builds.

Lost in the Backrooms is accessible now on Itch.io.

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